Help Centre

Welcome to the Ecosite Web Hosting Help Centre.

We offer several different support methods, such as e-mail, phone and our Knowledge Base articles.

Support consists of two primary areas:

  • Customer Service & Billing
  • Technical Support

Customer Service & Billing

This is the front line of support, assisting with general customer questions, account access and billing enquiries. 

Technical Support

Technical support is divided into 3 tiers to provide the most timely assistance:

  • Level 1 – Our first level of support handles the initial customer query, and if it goes beyond his/her level of expertise, it can then be escalated to the next tier.
  • Level 2 – Support engineers are second level support technicians who have greater access to servers and have more experience in troubleshooting when something seems out of place or broken within a website or hosting account. If the problem still cannot be resolved entirely at this stage, it is then escalated to a Level 3 technician.
  • Level 3 – These technicians are our system administrators. They are responsible for monitoring servers and ensuring that they are always running optimally.

Knowledgebase Articles

Our knowledge base articles are a great way for you to learn how to use specific aspects of our web hosting service. Just type in the search area at the top a word or phrase for something you are searching for and the system will direct you to the most relevant articles.

Email Support

For any sales, billing or support questions, you can contact us by creating a support ticket here...

Phone Support

Sales & Support Enquiries
Monday to Friday
9.00am to 4.30pm AEST.