About Us

World-class Australian web and email hosting

Here at Ecosite Web Hosting, we believe every customer should be treated like a VIP. That’s why we have adopted a people-first approach to our business which we believe sets us apart from the rest. Each and every customer receives exceptional personalised service and support – you’ll never feel like “just another number”.

Ecosite Web Hosting also understands that not all customers are alike. We have some clients who understand all the technical nuances of web hosting and have the ability to open their control panel and do everything themselves. At the other end of the spectrum, we also have customers who are completely new to hosting a website and these customers require more guidance. We are happy to work to satisfy all of these customer types from the tech savvy, to the “newbies” and everyone in between.

When you choose Ecosite for your web and email hosting services, you can be sure that you are getting the best in technical web hosting infrastructure. We have invested in high-end hardware and data systems to deliver the best possible web hosting services. 

Our data centres are located at two exceptional locations right here in our own backyard (Australia); the state-of-the-art Global Switch facility and the Pegasus E3 data centre — both in Sydney. Running two data centres provides greater flexibility for disaster recovery and redundancy and allows Ecosite Web Hosting to benefit from the particular strengths of each centre.

We are committed to continuing to meet and exceed our customers expectations both now and into the future and look forward to the opportunity of supporting your business with the best Australian web hosting services. 

Trent Weber
Owner – Ecosite Web Hosting

Secure & Reliable Hosting at our Australian Data Centres:

  • Only quality hardware and software, including fibre channel RAID storage devices
  • No single point of failure with fully redundant, load-balanced web clusters
  • All systems and servers continuously monitored 24×7
  • Daily back-ups carried out with weekly and monthly back-ups archived off-site
  • Around the clock high-level building security protects your infrastructure