Site Migration Instructions

How to start the process?

How to start process

Step 1: Submit a request

To begin a migration, you must firstly order your hosting with us. Then, submit a support ticket by logging into the client area

The ticket should be in the following format: Subject: Migration: Your Company Name: Hostname or IP of server to be transferred

For example, if your company name was Big Server Provider, the subject of the new support ticket would be the following: Subject: Migration: Big Server Provider:

Step 2: Initial evaluation

One of our migration specialists will perform an evaluation on the source server to determine a risk analysis. Our specialist will analyze available disk space vs. the amount of data to be moved, operating system version, system software versions, database management system versions, available memory, and average CPU usage, and will test the network connection between the target and source servers. If there are expected issues with the migration we will contact you.

Step 3: Customized migration plan

Our specialist will generate a customized plan for the migration, including an estimated timeframe for completion.

Step 4: Scheduling

In order to provide the highest level of service, migrations are scheduled in advance. In your migration plan, our migration specialist will indicate available windows for beginning the transfer.

Due to network, hardware and other variables outside of our specialist’s control, we can only make an estimate on the actual duration of your migration, generally this will be 24 – 48 hours. We will notify you if the transfer seems to take longer than usual.

Step 5: Progress updates

We provide a migration hotline that you may call for status updates on your migration: 1300 ECOSITE or 1300 326 748

Step 6: Coordinate DNS switchover

Unless an immediate switch is scheduled, your DNS records will remain pointing at the original server until the transfer is verified and complete. If your server’s DNS records are controlled or hosted by the domain registrar, you should transfer them to a local DNS server before migrating to avoid delays.

Step 7: Confirmation of completion

Once the migration process is fully complete, our migration specialist will confirm your satisfaction with the process.