SEO Results – Sunwide Australia

Sunwide Australia SEO Results Review


Sunwide is a Bubble Tea supplier in Melbourne. Bubble Tea is a popular Asian drink that combines tea with different fruit flavours and is becoming increasingly popular in Australia with many stores in each major city.

Google Rank

Sunwide’s organic Google rank has climbed dramatically since it’s launch in September 2015. This below line chart shows the average of 34 keywords over time. This is also without hiring any external SEO company and paying monthly SEO fees.

Note: Drop in rank in May was due to adding new words to the list that bought down the average.

1st Year Earnings

These are the results directly out of the WordPress WooCommerce shopping system. Sunwide has not done any paid advertising, all of the sales made in the last year through the website are from Google search. Sunwide made over $2000 in the first 60 days of launching. They have now made gross sales of $16,833.05 in the last 8 months (since 1 Sep 2015).