Our Uptime Guarantee & How We Maintain Our Servers

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We know that its not much good to have a website that is not online. When your website is down, so are your emails consequently your online business becomes unavailable to your customers. Our customer’s have told us that this was their No.1 frustration with other web hosting providers, consequently its our No.1 focus to avoid these events.

Here’s how we manage our servers and maintain a REAL 100% uptime guaranteed!

We designed and built the Zero-Downtime Network to minimize downtime and we are so confident about its capabilities that we will give you money back if it goes down. And it works so well that we guarantee it.

Quality Hardware and Data Center
It is essential in today’s web hosting environment that a web hosting company maintains high-quality servers.

We are utilizing cutting edge technology, with World Class Data Centers and expert support to deliver a stable platform where all you have to worry about is having fun with your website.

Our World-Class Data Center’s are 60% larger than Google’s and host content for major TV networks, and ground swell political campaigns, for global promotions and celebrity websites with millions of hits. On these World-Class Data Centres are organisations hosting with names such as the University of Melbourne, University of Chicago, notebook.com, and the American Red Cross, plus many more!

The Number of Clients on a Server
Too many clients can overload a server disk space, bandwidth and processor usage. Unlike some of our competitors we do not squeeze as many customers as possible onto a server. We are happy to sacrifice some of the benefits that could be associated by adding more clients to a server, by not adding the “extra” and therefore reduce the workload of the server to ensure it is operating at optimum levels.

Pro-active and Reactive Server Monitoring
Server Monitoring is an essential part of what we can do to proactively to ensure that any potential problem in any of our servers are quickly handled before an event occurs. We have a dedicated team monitoring each server. It’s the Team’s responsibility to know and understand each server. Combining years of experience and unrivaled expertise, they all work together with one purpose, to give you peace-of-mind. Our servers are constantly monitored every second as well as the services running on them, like httpd, MySQL, Exim (Mail) and other critical services. This enables our systems administrators to be notified of a decision within seconds, resulting in minimum interruption of services.

We are actively monitoring the health of servers in real time, this serves as our early warning system that allows our system administrators to quickly identify problems that could lead to long periods of inactivity. If an abusive client or script is identified as a cause of repeated peak loads on the server that is affecting the service they will be identified and client will be warned or possibly suspended without notice.

In addition to our server monitoring, we also employ ConfigServer Services to independently run comprehensive security checks to ensure our servers are:

  • secure from attacks,
  • performing optimally,
  • identify possible security breaches or anomalous behaviour
  • check for existing explots that may have been installed or running on our server.


Unmetered Backups every night
In the event that a server has a catastrophic failure, EcoSite Web Hosting has a full backup of all data of our clients website, in addition to backups we have a 1 Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee.

How Our Solution Works?

Our flexible and reliable Unmetered Managed Backup service delivers nothing less than peace of mind by reducing your risk and restoring your data as quickly and completely as possible. It’s all about ensuring the continuity of your business operations without you having to do much of anything, including worrying.

We manage the entire solution for you—the initial setup and configuration, tracking failures and even configuration changes. Data backups are performed from your server and put onto tape media instead of a separate drive. All the while, our Managed Backup Technicians are available around the clock to monitor backup jobs, perform data restores, change configurations or answer any of your backup questions.

Performing a Data Restore

Restores are always top priority for our certified Backup Technicians. Once you request a file/directory restore, we start restoring the data immediately. Completion times will vary depending on how much and what information needs to be restored.

Why The Unmetered Part of The Name Is So Important

It allows you to backup all the data you need without having to keep track of how much you are backing up or the costs. Unlike other providers’ solutions, you don’t have to worry about exceeding your subscription limit or which drives to back-up. In short it equals complete data protection and no overages—ever.

Conclusion – Our uptime guarantee and how we maintain our servers.
The server uptime is extremely important to our company and we understand that this is essential for our customers and we take uptime seriously. Our cutting edge technology, World-Class Data Centers, and our monitoring service allows us to function pro-actively which provides you with absolute efficiency and will maintain our record of great service. Should a hardware failure be beyound repair, we have backups of the data of our clients and are able to get their sites back up quickly and efficiently.



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