Our Customer Support

EcoSite Web Hosting understands that not all customer’s are alike. We have some clients who understand all the technical nuances of web hosting and have the ability to open their control panel and do everything themselves. At the other end of the spectrum, we also have customers who are completely new to hosting a website and these customers require more guidance. We are happy to work to satisfy all of these customer types from the tech savvy, to the “newbies”, and everyone in between.

24x7x365 Customer Support:
We have representatives’ available by email 24x7x365. Our phones are available from 9 am to 9pm AEST Monday through Friday and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. AEST to 6pm AEST.

Recruit and train the right people:
It takes a special kind of person to be able to provide high quality hosting and support easily. The person must have knowledge of all technical aspects of hosting, as well as individual differences in the services we offer. In addition, our service representatives must have patience and be able to communicate in the simplest terms to customers who lack expertise.

We understand that communication between our staff and our customers about some of the technical aspects of web hosting services can be difficult. All of your technical assistance is provided by personnel located in Australia, North America and the U.K

Our training procedures are very important. All our service personnel must be able to communicate effectively on all the services we offer. Our service agents undergo training and guidance by our managers and more experienced staff members

The three layers of support:
There are 2 types of customer support , customer service and technical support. We divided the workflow between 3 groups of technical support so that each group could focus on the areas that are better suited to the support of the customer. Our first level of support will initally handle the customer query, and if it goes beyoud his/her level of expertise it this then esculated all the way to level 3, system administrators or department managers. This enables a simplified workflow for our service agents and a faster response time to our customers.

Customer Service support is our support department at level 1. They can help clients with learning, where they have to go into your account to do things like installing scripts, emails and adding minor technical solutions, for example resetting passwords.

Level 2 support engineers are second level support technicians, have greater access to servers and have more experience in troubleshooting when something seems out of place or broken within a website or hosting account customers.

Our tech support level 3 are our system administrators. System administrators are responsible for monitoring the servers, ensuring that they are running at an optimal level.

Quality of information:
With respect to customer service, many of our customers rely on the information we have on site in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section so that they can deal with things themselves. Integrated into the cPanel are step by step video tutorials that help our clients with learning things they can do within cPanel to improve their websites.

Conclusion – Our Customer
At EcoSite Web Hosting we know that customer satisfaction plays a big part to having a great experience with our company. We focus on this to ensure we have friendly, qualified english speaking technical resources to assist our customers 24x7x365. We also ensure that we have systems to expedite the information to our customers so that we may correct information or solve any problems quickly and efficiently.