Going Green with Eco Site Web Hosting

It is estimated by the year 2020, that the web hosting industry will be as big a pollutant as the airline industry. For this reason it is our mission to educate others about the choice of a green friendly web hosting provider. Even if you do not decide to go with Eco Site Web Hosting as your provider we would like to encourage you to choose another certified organic green web hosting company.

How is Eco Site Web Hosting Green?

Ecosite Web Hosting’s datacentre obtains the energy from the power grid as any web hosting companies do. Our datacentre, Global Switch utilize their power from the datagrid to provide a constant flow of uninterruptible power. Global Switch are committed to reducing the impact of their data centres on the environment through using energy efficiently, reducing our carbon emissions and providing green energy solutions. Consequently Eco Site Web Hosting’s green initiative is about more than just planting trees.


Ecosite Web Hosting is serious about making a difference to our environment and has several initiatives towards making our own company greener therefore reducing our carbon footprint, which in turn helps make our customers become greener too.


Apart from using the most power efficient hardware, our building facilities utilise the latest power efficient technologies thereby reducing our carbon footprint. Our aim is to be an industry leader and we are willing to step up and admit we can contribute more effectively by seeking more environmentally friendly ways of doing things. Whilst we don’t claim to have the absolute answer, we are committed to contributing to projects that actually make a difference to our environment.

Carbon Offsetting

Our philosophy towards carbon offsetting is that we aim to provide funding towards efforts that actually get out there and contribute towards reducing the world’s carbon footprint. One way we can achieve this objective is by planting more trees.

  • It is estimated that human activity results in about 4.3 tonnes per person of CO2 emmisions [1] .
  • It is also estimated that 1 hectare of forest can absorb 7.5 tonnes of CO2 per year.[2]

With this in mind, Ecosite Web Hosting is working to provide funding to organisations such as Landcare Victoria who with the help of volunteers plant millions of trees each year, which mitigates the carbon generated through the servers.

Power efficient Hardware

Our Data Centre’s uses energy efficient IBM NetFinity 4500R rack mounted web servers which have low voltage processors, SFF hard drives and DDR2 memory, meaning they consume less power than prior server models.


Ecosite Webhosting also has a significant recycling initiative in the office, using only paper from sustainable sources and recycling all aluminium cans, paper, cardboard and plastic through both the local council and a company called Transpacific Industries Group Ltd.

In addition to recycling, Ecosite Webhosting aims to choose environmentally friendly cleaning agents where possible.


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[2]: Australia’s National Association of Forest Industries, “The Green House Effect”